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Real Gaming Systems

We Put The REALITY In Video Games

"Pro-Racer" Driving Simulators
Real Gaming Systems

Real Gaming Systems is a company committed to giving you the most realistic driving experience right out of your living room. Our products will enhance all of your driving games and give you the kind of realistic game play, which hand controllers and traditional steering wheel controllers simply can not deliver. Our Pro-Racer driving simulators let you experience all of the detail and realism that game designers have crafted into today's outstanding game programs. By putting your body in the proper driving position, you can tap into your true driving ability and make the kind of moves on the track that are not possible with a hand controller.

Many gamers have experienced a steering wheel that won't stay where you put it, or gas and brake pedals sliding around on the floor. With our product you will appreciate the solid and secure feel that the Pro-Racer brings. The Pro-Racer is designed to deliver hours of entertainment so you can play through long races without the normal discomfort associated with traditional controllers and game chairs.

The Pro-Racer comes with a real racing seat that is the same one used in many of today's race prepared sports cars. The seat allows adjustment from two directions, slides forward and backwards via a lever under the seat to fit drivers of all sizes. This gives you the perfect driving position that suits your style best and insures hours of racing without discomfort or fatigue. The Pro-Racer is designed to make getting in and out of easy and great emphasis was put in proper placement of the controls.

The Pro-Racer is easy to assemble! It has tubular steel construction that makes it both solid and lightweight. It goes from the box to a full on driving simulator in minutes. Simply position the Pro-Racer in front of the monitor or TV, connect it to a game console and you're ready to go racing. It can be moved, if needed, without disassembly.

To set up your Pro-Racer all you need is:

  • A game system to connect to the steering wheel
  • A video monitor/TV

Don't race with your thumbs! Get into the game and race like the pros do in a true driving simulator. Real race car drivers have already jumped on board and are using the Pro-Racer to improve their driving skills when track time is not an option. If it's good enough for real race car drivers, we know it's going to make your driving experience better than anything you have ever imagined. Get behind the wheel of a Pro-Racer and feel what it's like to drive a race car in the comfort of your own home!

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