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"Pro-Racer" Driving Simulators Price List

PRO-RACER GT-R $600.00 w/GT Force Wheel $450.00 - No Wheel gtwhl5e.png - 17653 Bytes
PRO-RACER LX-R $900.00 w/G27 Wheel $600.00 - No Wheel g271.png - 16843 Bytes
PRO-RACER F 1 $750.00 w/ G27 Wheel $450.00 - No Wheel g271.png - 16843 Bytes
LCD Monitor Attachment $75.00

32" LCD Monitor $350.00

PRO-RACER GT-R has a fabric covered "Real" Racing Seat linked to our best tubular frame design. This frame is the tenth generation of our original designs and the third generation to use a tubular frame design. The GT-R comes with a Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel and is compatable with Logitech Wheels.

PRO-RACER LX-R has a simulated Leather covered "Real" Racing Seat coupled with the same great frame design used on the GT. This combo is topped off with the awesome G-27 wheel, the best Logitech offers. If you are the Driver that has to have the best, the LX-R is it! A top of the line Driving Simulator at a reasonable price that is hundreds less then anything in its class.

LCD Monitor Frame attaches to the PRO-RACER frame so the PRO-RACER can be used as a stand alone unit rather than using the family TV or other video source. In many cases this is the solution to getting some video game time verses whatever TV's are available in your house or apartment . Call it the "Peacemaker".

Footprint of all PRO-RACERS is only 4 ft. long and 3 ft. wide.

To set up your Pro-Racer all you need is:

  • A game system to connect to the steering wheel
  • A video monitor/TV

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